Young Playwrights' Award

Launched in 2022 and modelled on our New Writing Prize, our Young Playwrights’ Award identifies and celebrates some of the UK’s promising young writers, showcasing their work to a wider audience and supporting them on their playwriting journey. 
The Award is open to all young people taking part in our GoWrite programme. Three winning scripts are selected by a panel of industry professionals at the end of each academic year. 
The Award winners: 
  • Receive feedback on their script from professional theatre makers; 
  • See their scripts brought to life in filmed performances by professional actors made available for free to a public audience; 
  • Receive a selection of theatre books or plays from leading performing arts publisher Nick Hern Books; 
  • Have the opportunity to join an online Young Playwrights summer school delivered by award-winning playwrights and leading theatre-makers.

2024 Award


The Cell 
by Zakaria Bentouati, 15, Barnet & Culture for Youth
“The Cell is a delicate and quietly moving portrayal of a man reflecting on his life and the turns that have precipitated a spiral into drug addiction and petty crime. The writer deftly explores the idea of the ‘lost future’, where the character’s once dream of becoming a dancer, just like his hero Michael Jackson, is cut short by a damaging incident played out on social media. The characterisation is full of empathy, with a dreamlike sense of place that is both the here-and-now and the moment at which the desire of the protagonist is forever foreshortened. A thoughtful examination of cause and effect, with a compelling, authentically wrought central character!”
(Clive Judd, Playwright)
Hanging Up the Gloves
by Adam, 15, Wallington County Grammar School
“Hanging up the Gloves is a sharp and suspense filled monologue. It really shines a light on the internal conflict of the protagonist. The writing does a good job of showing how and why the character is conflicted about the news and the tension in the story. The characters internal thoughts really stirs up curiosity and progresses to an effective cliffhanger that leaves the audience asking questions and wanting more.”  
(Saili Katebe, Playwright) 
The Quiet Life
by Tiff, 15   
The Quiet Life is a very touching portrayal of thirteen-year-old Mina, who is grappling with her feelings of anxiety and longing to find her place in the world. Tiff is clearly a hugely empathetic writer, with a keen understanding of human psychology. Mina is a wonderfully relatable character in whom I was genuinely invested. I was absolutely rooting for her! I particularly loved the equivocal ending, and the quiet resolution of the character to carry on.”
(Georgia Bruce, Playwright)  


Whispers in the Chamber by Ollie Hayes.   
The Chocolate Wars by Yaseen, 19, HF Mencap 

2023 Award


by Ali Hadi, aged 15, Wallington County Grammar School
One of the things I love about this piece is the writer’s fearlessness when it comes to tackling big historical subject matter. The dialogue is controlled and economical and there’s great command over the stage directions, in particular the use of sound to heighten tension. This is a writer with potential and I hope he continues to explore and develop his unique voice.”
(Fiona Doyle, Playwright)
The End is Never the End 
by Julia Kubis, aged 14, Friern Barnet School 
“I absolutely loved this monologue. The piece strikes a perfect, and difficult to achieve, balance between existentialist dread and dark humour. A comparison that comes to mind is Beckett’s Happy Days, depicting as it does a protagonist who is utterly and totally in lack of control of their experience, and seems to be stuck in a hopeless and never-ending loop (this is also brilliantly reflected in the title). I think this is a brilliantly inventive text that could definitely be much longer – I for one hope to get to read this longer version some day!”
(Asaf Zohar, Composer & Sound Designer)
The Stalker
by Milan Walker, Jagoda Zaradna & Joanna Zaradna, 
aged 15, Sacred Heart High School
“This is such a thrilling and imaginative monologue, exploring the psychological torment of a manipulative relationship turned into relentless stalking. The writers use extraordinarily emotive language to create a powerful tone full of suspense that immerses you in the character’s fears, whilst the silences are used to maximum dramatic effect to amplify the sense that someone else might be nearby. I absolutely loved the twist at the end – it keeps you guessing long after you’ve finished reading.”
(Igor Memic, Playwright)


Don’t Be Ashamed by Felix, aged 17, HF Mencap
Burnt Out at 27 by Mary, aged 16, Center of Excellence (Barnet)
Resent by Tilia, aged 15, The Pavilion Meadway

2022 Award


It’s Good to Hear Your Voice Again
by Emily, aged 14
Sweet and Sticky Nightmare
by Evaline, aged 15, Sacred Heart High School
Finding Cindy
by Hannaa, aged 18, City of Westminster College


Day of Retribution by Arad, aged  14, Friern Barnet School
Does He Know?by Louis and Harry, aged 17 
Dark February by Peony, aged 15, Sacred Heart High School