Producing Course

Our producing course is for emerging producers who have a passion for new plays and wish to receive support to produce new writing in the region in which the course is delivered.

The course takes place over eight monthly sessions, and covers the key elements of producing new writing: developing new projects, pitching to venues and partners, company structures and branding, finance and fundraising, recruiting and managing teams, marketing and audience development, and the production process.

At the end of the course, participants have the opportunity to pitch for two grants of £2000 which will support two producers or companies to realise their next new writing project in the region.

Our producing course is fully funded and completely free to participants! Travel and access bursaries are available to ensure that anyone, anywhere in the region, can take part.

Upcoming Courses

Our 2022 course is being delivered in partnership with Leeds Playhouse on the following dates:

Session 1 – Saturday 5 February 2022
Session 2 – Saturday 19 February 2022
Session 3 – Saturday 5 March 2022
Session 4 – Saturday 9 April 2022
Session 5 – Saturday 7 May 2022
Session 6 – Saturday 4 June 2022
Session 7 – Saturday 25 June 2022
Session 8 – Saturday 30 July 2022

All sessions will be held from 1-4pm at Leeds Playhouse.

How To Apply

Places on the course are limited. To be eligible to apply you must:

- Reside in Yorkshire or the North East of England
- Be available on all of the advertised dates

To apply, please send the following to with the subject line ‘Producing Course Application’:

- CV
- A one page cover letter or email or three minute video or audio recording telling us why you’d like to take part in the course and how you and your work would benefit from it

If you have any access needs which we could help meet to enable to you attend the course, please feel free to let us know when applying, and we will do all we can. Access needs will not be taken into account when selections for the course are made.

Deadline for applications: The deadline for applications has been extended to 5pm on Sunday 9 January. We will contact all applicants by Friday 14 January.
Participant Testimonial

Helen Bovey

The producing course was a brilliant opportunity to connect with emerging producers across the region and to travel to venues in the region that I hadn’t visited before. The course content was incredibly informative, with each session focusing on a different element of the role of a producer – this helped me immensely to segment my practice and identify areas I needed more training in.

Chris and George were so generous in sharing their experiences in the industry, the company’s growth, successes and failures; it was this personal touch which made the course very accessible and no aspect of producing seem unachievable or too scary. Prior to the course I was not very ambitious with my budgeting and fundraising, but I feel as though moving forward I have more confidence in approaching trusts and foundations and speaking about my work and interests. I feel better equipped to up-scale the projects I produce and support artists to produce projects, and more knowledgeable about tour booking – looking at venues and making choices on suitability for the work. I also feel more confident in working as an arts leader and hope to develop further leadership skills.

Prior to the programme, I had said that producing felt very lonely in the region but through the course I feel as though I have a network I can speak to about new projects and any issues which arise, or to bounce ideas off. I also feel supported by Papatango, and as though they would provide support in the future if we had any big ideas we wanted to share. Taking part in the course has really given me the confidence to own the title of Producer.