Being a Playwright

'Chris Foxon and George Turvey - aka Papatango – are a phenomenon for playwriting good. Being a Playwright is packed with inside information that will kick-start your writing life. Written with insight and chock-full of useful advice, this will be a bible for playwrights.'

Steve Waters
Playwright and Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia​
Papatango’s guide to playwriting, and how to navigate the new writing industry.

Writing a good play is only the first step towards becoming a successful playwright; it is just as crucial to understand all the practical and business elements of building your career. Being a Playwright transparently and honestly sets out everything you need to know, including clear and constructive advice on:

Starting out, including training options and gaining practical experience
Finding a playwriting model that works for you
Getting your script noticed and connecting with industry decision-makers
Developing a production-ready draft through redrafting and R&D
Pursuing programming, commissioning and funding opportunities
Approaching and working with agents and publishers
Securing the best possible deal with producers
Working with collaborators throughout the rehearsal process and previews
Capitalising on a production, assessing its success and planning new projects
Drawing on Papatango’s superlative track record of discovering and launching new writers – including BAFTA, OffWestEnd, Royal National Theatre Foundation and Alfred Fagon Award winners, many of whom have premiered worldwide as well as in the West End – and featuring tips from a host of industry insiders, this encouraging and accessible guide explores the opportunities and pitfalls of life as a playwright.

Whether you’re an aspiring writer wondering how to break into the industry or a working playwright looking to move up to the next level, this is your road map for navigating the world of professional theatre.

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'This enlightening book, full of pragmatic information, is an excellent tool for playwrights navigating today’s industry.'

Indhu Rubasingham
Artistic Director of Kiln Theatre, London​