Introduction to Playwriting

Introduction to Playwriting

What will I learn?

  • How to find inspiration and research ideas
  • How plays are structured
  • Defining, analysing and constructing a scene
  • How to build interesting characters
  • How to write naturalistic dialogue

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the course

  • Introduction

Researching material & generating ideas

What makes a play? Theatricality & telling stories for the stage

Introducing characters

Structure: three & five act plays

Making a scene!

Writing dialogue

End of course


An annual subscription to the Creative Resources Hub is priced at £25. At present the Hub offers an Introduction To Playwriting course, consisting of several hours of teaching footage, including interviews with leading practitioners, as well as extensive downloadable handouts and supplementary exercises. £25 per estimated user is thus well below the cost price of making the course, as we want it to be as accessible as possible – but as an unsubsidised charity, there is a limit to how much we can afford to lose. Every penny will go back into our work. If this cost is a barrier for you, please contact us on and we will find a way to help you access it.


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