Pushing On Open Doors by Sarah Connors

For years, Maud has kept her grandson Art well away from the busybodies and bullies in the town. He’s different, and they don’t understand. When the enigmatic Pauly and ethereal Fee rescue Art from difficulty, they seem a blessing and are welcomed as guests. Slowly at first, and then frighteningly swiftly, things spiral out of Maud’s control. As the dark truth about the newcomers emerges, a fight for the home and family begins. A tender yet unsparing new play about where we find refuge.

Sarah Connors is an emerging playwright living in Cornwall. She attended Luton University, and has taught for twenty years in the primary sector. In 2019, she stepped away from a career in education to fulfil a long-held ambition to be a playwright. Since then, she has attended a playwriting course with John Burgess, WriteWest playwriting course with Papatango and Writing for the Stage with Minack theatre and KEAP.