Playfight by Julia Grogan


Playfight by Julia Grogan

Kiera, Zainab and Lucy are smart, hilarious and savvy. They've figured out that there are some things school sex ed lessons don't cover; now, away from prying eyes, they're going to find the answers. By turns funny and poignant, their experiences as they grow from girls into women shine a light on sex and sexuality.

Informed by the rise in violence in mainstream pornography, Playfight fizzes with razor-sharp dialogue and vital questions.

Julia Grogan is a writer-performer from the West Midlands. She studied acting at Rose Bruford College and a year after graduating went on to join the Royal Court’s young writers’ group. She co-wrote historical dark comedy Belly Up which premiered at VAULT Festival 2020 and is heading to Underbelly at Edinburgh Fringe 2021. Playfight is her first sole-authored play.


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