Welcome! This is where you can find out more about Papatango’s online education and training programmes. 

We offer pre-recorded courses in: playwriting (for people of varying levels of experience); how to build a writing career; and how to produce new plays. Each course consists of a series of sessions led by our award-winning team alongside leading industry professionals. The emphasis is on practical exercises, as well as tips, advice and examples drawn from real-world experience. 

As these courses are all pre-recorded, you can access them whenever you like and work at your own pace. To make sure you still benefit from personal guidance and support, there’s an option to ask questions in the Q&A panel which we will answer. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate.

Please browse the available courses, and use the contact form if you’ve any queries. All courses are heavily subsidised by Papatango, and run on a not-for-profit basis; we strive to keep costs as low as we possibly can, to help everyone tell their stories.