Animal by Jon Bradfield, from a story by Jon Bradfield and Josh Hepple

David has cerebral palsy. He can’t feed himself, shower by himself - or wank. 25, gay, horny and totally inexperienced, he sets out on a sexual and romantic odyssey, armed with a fierce brain and impressive dick pics that he has to get someone else to take. But can he manage his need for round-the-clock care and still seem independent and sexy if the right guy comes along? Animal is a funny, uncomfortable and moving play about disability.

For the last decade Jon Bradfield has co-written Above The Stag Theatre's acclaimed, sell-out queer adult pantomimes. For ATS he has also co-written two musicals and a play, A Hard Rain, which was also produced in New York. He was lead writer on Cinderella at Trafalgar Studios starring Drag Race finalist Baga Chipz and has contributed to the long-running News Revue. For BBC4 he wrote Missing Alice starring Rebecca Front, part of Mark Gatiss's Queers series.

Josh Hepple has cerebral palsy. Currently completing a PhD in international human rights law, Josh has been a theatre reviewer and is an activist, equality trainer and a writer-journalist contributing to news media including The Guardian and Huffington Post.