Dalvir has always told a good ghost story, properly unsettling, dark tales to send a chill right through his younger brother Amar. But now Dalvir’s almost a ghost himself, cloistered and secretive. Amar desperately wants to reconnect with the only family he has left, but can he unravel Dalvir’s stories to find a way back to his brother?

Threaded through with captivating fables, Ghost Stories From An Old Country is a riveting and poignant exploration of the ties that bind us.

Amar - Shane Zaza
Paula - Rebecca Crankshaw
Dal - Raj Ghatak

Creative Team
Writer - Tajinder Singh Hayer
Director - Jessica Lazar
Composer and Sound Designer - Farokh Soltani

Suitable for ages 12+.

Content warnings
Discussions of mental illness, suicide, therapy, and loss.