Open Auditions

As part of GoWrite, our participation and engagement programme, we are hosting some open auditions at our London office on the 16 March. If you are a budding actor and want to introduce your work to us, now is your chance.

All you have to do is get together with a partner and prepare a duologue from a modern play (something produced in the last 15 years) of up to 4 minutes in length.

Email with the name of the two actors wishing to audition and include links to your spotlight or your acting CV.

Places will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applications are now closed. Any emails sent now will not be considered.

A limited number of bursaries to cover travel costs of up to £100 are available. To apply for a bursary, please send us an email of not more than 300 words explaining your need for a bursary and including your relevant travel information.