Being a Playwright:
A Career Guide For Writers

Papatango’s guide to playwriting, and how to navigate the new writing industry, will be published in 2018!

Writing a good play is only a small part of making it as a successful playwright; knowing how to get a script noticed, what programming and commissioning opportunities to go for, and how to approach agents, companies and collaborators, are just as crucial. Yet most advice for budding playwrights focuses only on the art of playwriting, ignoring the practicalities of the business, which makes it harder for those without connections or know-how to get their writing on stage. Being a Playwright therefore sets out, transparently and honestly, all the factors besides writing that playwrights need to know about to succeed.

Drawing on Papatango’s decade of discovering and launching exceptionally successful new writers, including BAFTA, OffWestEnd, Royal National Theatre Foundation and Alfred Fagon Award winners, Being a Playwright discusses the opportunities and pitfalls of life as a playwright. From the debut writer bewildered about how to break into professional theatre to a working playwright looking to bag bigger commissions, this straightforward and accessible book maps out how to navigate the world of professional theatre.

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